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My ears prick up when I hear the sound of someone making their way through the forest that I’m in. I had decided to take a break here but I wasn’t expecting another to show up as I’m deeper in this forest than Pokemon or humans usually go.

I peek through the leaves and I’m greeted by a pale blond male with a strange hair curl floating on the back of his head. I watch him warily as I don’t usually trust humans, especially trainers like him. I heard that Raikou had been able to be captured by a human and he’s actually visited me a few times since then so I guess all trainers can’t be that bad but most of them are greedy...They usually see a legendary and immediately want to capture them for bragging rights and I don’t think I should waste my time with someone like that.

He turns to look behind him and crooks his fingers, as if saying it’s safe to follow him. I’m confused at who his gesture is directed to but a group of Pokemon rush into the clearing he’s found. A small smile appears on the man’s face at the sight of them and he leans against a tree.

“Have fun. We’re taking a break for now.” The Umbreon he has chirps softly before beginning to play with the Flygon. The Noctowl, Xatu, and Misdreavus start flying around each other as if playing a game and he just watches them enjoy themselves.

A sharp ringing cuts through the clearing and he makes an exasperated look before reaching up to the cross barrette and removing it from his hair. He flicks it open before pressing it up to his ear, “Hallo?” I can almost hear the excited voice coming from the one who called him, “Ja, we’re coming soon. Just stopped to take a break.” He rolls his eyes as the loud voice continues before smiling a bit, “Ja. Love you. Bye.”

He then shuts the barrette before putting it back in his hair and sitting down. The Umbreon rushes over to him chirping happily and he just chuckles softly before petting the eeveelution. The Flygon comes over to receive the same treatment while the other three remain playing together, all of them happy.

I shift a bit as I watch him with his Pokemon, ‘He’s not that bad…’ I think, ‘I wouldn’t mind having him as a trainer of my own with how he treats his own Pokemon...More like companions than creatures only useful for battling like some trainers…’

I must have made some noise or something while lost in my thoughts since his head raises away from the Pokemon in front of him and he surveys the area around him. “Anyone there? I won’t hurt you…” He says softly, just the slightest hint of curiosity in his voice.

I decide to reveal myself then and his eyes widen just a bit at the sight of me, “Suicune...What an honor it is to be in your presence.” He says respectfully and I preen a bit. I kneel down before him and just look at him as he meets my eyes. I like him already as others would already be fighting to capture me but he’s...different.

“Young one...There’s something special about you…” I say telepathically and his eyes widen as he stammers out a thank you. I laugh a bit before saying, “You’re welcome, young one…”

He doesn’t seem as shocked as I would’ve expected that I can talk but I have a feeling that he’s seen weirder things in his journey and I’m intrigued about him. He reaches a hand out after a bit but looks a bit hesitant, “May I…?”

My eyes soften as I realize what he’s wanting and I nod, his hand coming in contact with the top of my head. I close my eyes as he starts petting me, a comforting warmth spreading through my body. I just relax and let him do as he wishes before chuckling telepathically again.

“You know you’re different...Any other trainer would have tried to capture me by now but now you...Why is that?” I peek open one eye to look at him in curiosity and there’s a small smile on his face.

“I don’t believe in capturing Pokemon like they’re slaves to be used for battle only. I only ‘capture’ a Pokemon if it has approved of me doing so as I don’t want to trap any that would rather be free.” I hum softly at his response and a smile spreads across my face.

“I like you...Yes, you’re a good trainer…” I say both telepathically and out loud, his Pokemon nodding in agreement. I can tell there’s the faintest blush on his face at the compliment and I find it amusing that he’s as collected emotionally as I am.

“Thank you, Suicune…” He says softly and I lean into the petting that he’s still doing.

“Hmm, Raikou said that humans aren’t that bad...Maybe I should have believed him more easily…” I say to myself, not realizing that I’m still talking in a way he can understand. “I feel like this human would be a good trainer for myself…”

His eyes widen and he looks at me a bit shocked, “You’re considering me to be your trainer? I thought you didn’t want to be tied to a human in that way…”

I sigh when I realize that I said that to him before nodding, “It’s true. I think you’re a lot like myself and that we would make good partners.”

He smiles slightly at me before nodding, “If it is what you wish, then I’d love to have you on my team.” I smile as well as he reaches into his back and pulls out a Pokeball before looking at me to confirm that this is what I want.

I nod and he touches the Pokeball lightly to my forehead and it doesn’t even rattle once before clicking as I’ve already accepted him as my trainer. He lets me back out of the Pokeball before smiling and hooking it onto his belt with the others.

“Do you wish for me to give you a nickname?” He asks and I tilt my head before nodding. He nods in response before closing his eyes, “What do you think of the name (Y/n)?”

I tilt my head, “I like it. It’s quite beautiful.”

He nods, “Then that’s what I’ll call you.” I nod as well before standing and stretching.

“Now...Would you like to see the moves that I possess or do you have somewhere to be?” I ask, referring to his phone call from earlier and he looks slightly confused before shaking his head.

“I don’t have to be there for a few hours yet so I’d love to know what moves you have.” I hum and nod at this.

“Very well.”

I make sure I’m properly stretched before going out in the middle of the clearing, his Pokemon surrounding and cuddling up to him to watch. I just mentally go through my arsenal, pondering which one to choose first.

A glint appears in my eye as I make my decision and I create a small training dummy in front of me. I then open my mouth as a pale blue ball of light forms in front of it, several beams shooting from the ball at the dummy. A small glacier forms around it before melting and I glance over at my trainer to see recognition in his eyes.

“Ice Beam...and on that turn it would have frozen the opponent.” I’m a bit surprised he knew that last part but I nod.

“Very good. By the way, young one...What is your name? I want something to call you… Also, how did you know that that turn would’ve frozen the opponent.” I ask mainly out of curiosity as I had a feeling in my gut that it would but I want to know his reasoning.

He just nods before saying, “My name is Lukas, though my friends all call me Norway. You can choose whichever. And...whenever that move is about to freeze the opponent, I’ve noticed that the Pokemon’s eyes glint ice blue for a moment before returning to their natural color. It can be somewhat difficult to tell with certain Pokemon but I saw it this time.”

I nod, unable to question that logic, before deciding on my next move. I open my mouth and shoot out a blizzard at the training dummy, covering the ground in front of me with snow. Lukas just nods before mentioning that it’s a good move and I preen a bit before picking my next move.

I face the dummy before opening my mouth, shooting a large jet of water at it, none of it hitting Lukas due to how big the clearing is. I glance over to him to see a small smile on his face and I grin, glad that he’s liking the moves I know so far.

“Hydro Pump. It’s a good, strong move.” He says simply and I nod, glad that he knows how powerful it can be, especially with my strength behind it. I decide to only show one more, despite knowing a few others, but I’ll tell him what they are when I’m done.

I open my mouth and form a multicolored orb in front of it before shooting a beam from the orb aimed at the training dummy. “Aurora Beam.” He says with almost a hint of amusement to his tone, “It’s a good ice move.”

“I also know Surf, Rest, and Sleep Talk but figured that you did not want to see them.” I say as I get rid of the dummy, coming back over to and kneeling in front of him. He just nods before glancing at his watch, slowly coming to stand in front of me.

He just turns to his Pokemon, “Guys, it’s time to go. I’d like you to be in your Pokeballs for this part of the journey. Is that alright?” He’s met with a variety of positive noises from his Pokemon and he has them return to their Pokeballs before turning to me. “Would you mind if I ride on your back? It’s not that far to go and I want to see my friends’ reactions to me having you~”

I nod and smirk, amused by the idea as well. I kneel to the ground low enough for him to easily climb on before standing at my full height, letting him lead me to where he’s meeting his friends.

On the way to where he’s meeting his friends, I hear a soft sound off to the right and I glance at him before following it, even if that’s not where I’m supposed to go. He doesn’t question me and I enter a smaller clearing to see Articuno practically glaring at a pond and it’s not hard to see why due to all the garbage in the pond.

“Hey, Cuno.” I say, receiving a clipped response from him and I chuckle a bit, approaching the water. I lean forward and clear the water for him, getting a thank you in response, “Of course, Cuno. How long are you here for?”

“I’ll be here for a little while.” He says and I smile at how mysterious he sounds before nodding, saying that I have to go. He just nods before beginning to drink the water now that I’ve cleaned it and I glance back at Lukas to see a thoughtful look on his face.

I roll my shoulder a bit to get his attention before gesturing with my head that we should get going. He nods in response before continuing to lead me back to where his friends will be, it still not being far despite the detour that we made.

The trees rustle as I walk out of the forest, causing his friends to look up and I see each person’s eyes widen in some degree. He just has me go over to them before jumping off of my back, barely being on the ground for two seconds before he’s grabbed into someone’s arms and swung around in a circle.

I merely raise an eyebrow, amused at this reception. Everyone else’s attention is on me and I know they hadn’t expected him to return with me so they’re all shocked in some way.

He’s set back on the ground after a few minutes and I see him roll his eyes, “Stupid Dane…” I tilt my head a bit but he continues, “So, everyone, I’d like you to meet Suicune…He/she found me when I was taking a break earlier and decided to pick me as his/her trainer.” He says, warding off any questions that would inevitably be asked about my appearance.

“That’s so cool!” The one who had spun him around earlier shouts and I glance at the male, being slightly amused by his messy hair, it sticking almost straight up. He has vibrant blue eyes and I’m intrigued by him…

“Ja, it is. If you want to meet him/her, why don’t we do it in pairs? I don’t want to overwhelm him/her with everyone at once.” Lukas asks and everyone nods. I bow in respect to his friends and am pleased when more than a few of them bow in response. “Oh, and the nickname I’ve given him/her is (Y/n) so feel free to call him/her that.” Everyone nods again and I smile at the nickname again.

The first couple to show up is a male that looks fairly similar to Lukas with pale hair and violet eyes and a male with short brown hair and brown eyes. His style of clothing is fairly different from most humans but I spot a few others with clothing like it in this group. This will certainly be an interesting group to be a part of…

“Congratulations on finding Suicune. It’s a honor for him/her to choose you.” I nod slightly at that and Lukas gives him a small smile.

“Thank you, little brother.” I raise my eyebrows a bit. No wonder they look similar… “Oh, we saw Articuno earlier...I know how interested you’ve been in meeting that legendary.” His brother’s eyes light up and I grin a bit. It seems that Cuno might have a new trainer when I next see him~

“Thanks, Lukas.” The boy says causing Lukas to pout a bit.

“Call me big brother.”

“I’m not saying it.”

“Call me big brother.”


I just glance at the brunet then in confusion and he rolls eyes, “They’re like this like all the time. It’s just how they work. I’m Leon by the way. (Y/n) is such a fabulous name~” He says, looking at me with the same expression I’ve grown used to with Lukas but I can see his respect in his eyes.

I just nod and he gives a very small smile, “His brother’s name is Emil.” I nod in thanks as I had wanted a name and I notice the faint blush on his face causing my eyes to sparkle a bit. He apparently sees it as his blush darkens a tad and I smile as I know he likes Emil but I have a feeling with the way they came up together that the feeling is mutual.

The two brothers eventually stop, Lukas giving up for now and Emil and Leon say goodbye before walking off, allowing the next pair to approach. One of them looks pretty imposing but the other one seems really sweet and they look similar to Lukas as well, making me wonder if they’re also related somehow.

“Moi! I’m Tino and this is Berwald~ It’s nice to meet you, (Y/n)!” The shorter of the two says and I smile in response, the taller one giving a grunt.

Lukas notices my look before saying, “Berwald’s like that but once you warm up to him, he talks a bit more. You’ll probably be close to him after a while as Emil, Lukas, Matthias, him, and I all make up a family I guess you could say and we call ourselves the Nordics.” I just nod as I take this in and I smile at them both.

“I guess we’ll be seeing you (Y/n)! Come on, Sve~” I chuckle a bit at his attitude.


The two walk off and I wait curiously for the next group to come up and I’m mildly surprised by how similar these two are to Tino and Berwald. Well, except for the fact that the shorter one has brown hair with a strange hair curl and brown-gold eyes but the tall one looks the same except he doesn’t have glasses like Berwald does.

“Ciao~ My name is Feliciano but you can call me Feli if you wish~” I dip my head in a nod as the taller man rolls his eyes.

“Italy… Anyvay, I am Ludwig, or Germany. You may call me vhichever you vant.” I nod, intrigued by their accents but it’s nice to meet them.

“It is nice to meet you both.” I say, giving a formal nod, which Ludwig returns and Feli just giggles before hugging me. I allow it as I figure that he’s always like this and after a minute, Ludwig pulls him away, commenting something about personal space. I just chuckle and he mentions to the smaller boy that they have pasta, causing Feli to run off and Ludwig to roll his eyes.

“Farevell for now.” He says, following after Feli and I just chuckle softly, amused by their relationship.

The next group walks forward and I recognize one of them as one of the few who had bowed in response to mine earlier. One of them is smiling widely and the other one seems much more composed, making me wonder why these two decided to approach together, though I’ve heard humans say that opposites attract so that could be a possible explanation…

“Konnichiwa, I am Kiku…” He bows and I respond to the gesture, pleased at the showing of respect.

“And I’m Alfred F. Jones! And I’m the HERO!” I chuckle softly at his enthusiasm but I do admire his confidence.

Kiku just gives him an exasperated look but I can see fondness in it as well and I smile at this. “It is very nice to meet you, but we shourdn’t take up too much of your time. I’m sure you want to meet the others. Besides, we’rr meet again.”

I just smile politely at this and give a small nod, causing him to drag Alfred away and the next couple to walk towards us.

“Hola~ Soy Antonio but you can call me Toni~” The first male says while winking causing the other to scowl and his curl to crumple a little. He looks similar to Feli so maybe they’re related somehow but I’m wondering how he came to be with a person who’s so cheerful with this attitude.

“You’re probably annoying him/her, tomato bastard…” He says rolling his eyes before looking up at me, “Ciao. I’m Romano or Lovino, whichever you want to call me it doesn’t matter.”

I smile softly at him, “Both are lovely names, Lovino.” He blushes a bit but seems pleased that I didn’t try to give him a nickname.

“Aww~ Lovi look’s like a tomato~” This just causes Lovino to blush further, helped by Toni wrapping his arms around him tightly.

“Tomato bastard...I told you not to call me that…”

“Aww but Lovi~ It’s such a nice nickname~” Lovino just grumbles and I chuckle at their relationship but I notice the boy snuggle a bit into the other’s hold, causing me to smile. So he just has a hard shell, is that it? It seems he does genuinely care for Toni despite what he shows and I think that’s cute~

“We’ll talk to you later~ Adios~” Toni says as he walks away with the boy still in his arms and I chuckle as the next pair walk up to me, one of them being one of the ones who bowed again.

“Ni hao~ I’m Yao or China.” The first one says and I smile at him before looking to the male with him, noticing a mildly creepy smile on his face but I sense a gentle and pure heart in him no matter how he may appear.

“Privyet! It is nice to meet you~ I am Ivan or Russia~” He says with an innocent smile as he casually wraps an arm around Yao, causing the man to blush a bit and I just smile at this.

“It is nice to meet you as well.” I say simply and both of them smile at my response.

“I guess we’ll talk to you later as you’re probably getting tired of so many introductions, aru. I certainly look forward to talking to you in the future.” I give a soft nod towards Yao at his words and he leads Ivan away, allowing the last pair to approach.

“Hallo! I am zhe awesome Prussia but you can call me Gilbert!” The first one says with excitement and I chuckle softly at how energetic he is. The other one just looks up at me a bit nervously and shyly, causing my expression to soften in a comforting way.

“I am Matthew or Canada. Some people call me Mattie so you can if you wish.” I smile and nod, a soft smile on my face at how sweet his voice is.

“It’s nice to meet you both.” I notice a shocked look on Mattie’s face and I just tilt my head in confusion, “What’s going on, Mattie? Why are you so shocked?”

“I-It’s just...not everyone notices me...I’m usually easily ignored...but it’s nice for someone to see me...though Pokemon usually are the exceptions…” I frown a bit at how someone so nice could be ignored like that, though it’s likely his quietness that causes.

“Hmm, I have an idea…” I mutter before touching my head to his for a brief moment, casting a bit of magic to make it where he’s never ignored if he’s trying to be heard/seen. His eyes light up in confusion until I mention what I did and then he beams at me, a few tears going down his face.

“Merci~ That’s so nice of you~” He says and I can tell how truly happy I’ve made him in that one move.

I just chuckle softly, “But of course, no one should be ignored if they don’t want to be.”

He looks up at me gratefully before leaving to talk to Francis, Gilbert following behind him almost like a shadow. I relax when I figure out that’s everyone...well...almost everyone. The one who greeted Lukas comes over to me before giving Lukas a quick hug.

“Hej~ I’m Matthias or the King of Northern Europe!” I chuckle softly as I think about how different he and Lukas are but I can see a hint of fondness in Lukas’s eyes through the annoyance.

“Matthias...Show (Y/n) your most recent Pokemon…” Lukas says and I’m instantly curious about why he’d mention something like this and Matthias’s eyes show confusion before they light up with excitement.

“Of course! This will be so awesome!” He says, reaching down to his belt and pulling off a Pokeball.

He releases the Pokemon and a startled noise leaves my throat when I recognize the shape of the Pokemon in front of me.

“Come on, Sui, did you forget me already?” He asks teasingly and I shake my head, a grin on my face.

“I haven’t, Kou… I just wasn’t expecting your trainer to be in this group!”

He chuckles at my words before approaching me and nuzzling me slightly. “I know, Sui, I wouldn’t have guessed that you’d find a trainer within them as well but I hoped and I guess that came true~”

I grin at this as I get to be back with Raikou again, even if he and I argue a lot, we’ve always been best friends so this is amazing~ I glance over at Lukas and Matthias, who has his arm around the shorter male, both of them looking at us with fondness and happiness.

“I guess this means we’ll live together…” He trails off and my eyes widen with happiness.

“Really?!” He nods and I laugh happily. “This is great!” He nods again and we both approach our trainers, nuzzling them both.

“Haha, (Y/n), guess you’ve been reunited with a friend, hmm?” Lukas says softly and I nod, a sparkle in my eyes.

“Yeah, thank you so much for finding me…” I say, glad that I’m surrounded by so many amazing trainers. I didn’t think that this is where I would end up but it’s so much better than I’d ever imagined. I guess humans aren’t so bad after all...In fact, I’d say, they’re pretty nice… I guess not every one of them is greedy like I had thought…

I just relax with Raikou as the rest of the group hangs out and jokes together, me paying attention to get used to everyone’s personalities but it’s nice. I’ve found the perfect family and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Hey, all! This is a request for :iconpfudor4: so I hope you all enjoy it! Be warned that there is some pairings in here mentioned so if you don't like that, feel free to turn around :3

I don't own Hetalia
You belong to Norway :3

Please tell me what you thought! :3 
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